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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the launderette opening hours?
    The launderettes are open from 8am - 8pm, some later. For exact opening times of each launderette, please choose your launderette. The doors will automatically lock at closing, after which time, you can leave but not re-enter, so make sure you take all your things with you. Last wash is an hour before closing as water will be cut off from machines at closing time.
  • What time are you open on Sundays and Bank Holidays?
    We’re open 365 days a year and the opening times for each day are exactly the same.
  • What will I need to take with me?
    We advise you take: Your pre-sorted laundry Coins for the machines Detergent and fabric softener A clean bag for your clean washing For exact coin requirements, please choose your launderette from the locations listed. All machine operating instructions are listed in detail on these pages. We do not have card payment facilities at this time.
  • Are there service washes?
    No, we are a self-service launderette only.
  • Can I drop in washing for someone else to do?
    No, we are a self-service launderette only.
  • How long does a wash cycle take?
    A wash cycle will last a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • How long do I need to run the dryer for my laundry to dry?
    The length of drying time required depends on a few factors including how large your load of laundry is and which fabrics are in your laundry. Most people find their washing dry after about 30 minutes or so in the dryer. We recommend at least £1 as a minimum dry. This equates to 12 minutes in a standard dryer and 10 minutes in a large dryer. The more money you put in, the longer the dry time. The beginning of the drying cycle includes a period of time to warm up, and the end of the drying cycle includes a period of cooling down. So, to make your drying time as efficient as possible, use one long drying cycle, rather than lots of short drying cycles.
  • Can I pay by card?
    No, we don't have card-payment facilities available. All of our washers and dryers are coin-operated so you'll need to make sure you take coins with you. To find out which coins you need, simply check your location.
  • Can I change notes to coins at the launderette?
    No, we have no change facilities at the launderette so please ensure you have coins with you - and perhaps some to spare just in case any coins are rejected.
  • Do you have machines big enough for my duvet?
    Yes, we certainly do. Lightweight double duvets normally fit in the smallest machines in each launderette. Superking duvets fit into medium size or larger machines. Please note that duvets made of down contract when wet, so even though they may appear to fill the machine when they are put in to wash, but once soaked, the filling takes up less space. It is very important that duvets made with polypropelene are NOT put in the dryers but they can be washed in the washing machines.
  • Can I dye clothes or fabrics in the launderette washing machines?
    No. Our commercial machines run on faster cycles than the domestic machines that dyes are designed for. If used in one of our machines, the dye will not have adequate time to get into the fabric and therefore will not work.
  • My machine at home is described as 13kg, but I can't get my duvet into it. Why will it be okay in your 13kg washers?"
    Doors and drums of Commercial machine are often much larger than domestic machines. Our 13kg washers are at least 130ltr volume, unlike 13kg domestic washers which are about 90ltr.
  • Which machine should I use?
    The bigger machines wash bigger loads of laundry and cost more. In general, if the load will fit into the washing machine & the door will close easily without trapping your laundry, then it will wash well. Remember to leave space for the water and be careful not to trap items in the door as you close the machine.
  • Which wash cycle should I use?
    Pre-sort your laundry & follow the instructions on the care labels. Most household laundry can be split between 'Warm' and 'Hot'.
  • Can I wash a sleeping bag in your machines?
    Look at the label on your sleeping bag. Some sleeping bags have draught-resistant outer covers so they must be turned inside out to be washed, but may still hold a lot of water after they spin. Some are waterproof so may resist washing.
  • Can I stop the dryer before it is finished?
    Yes. This is useful to do if you have clothes that need different lengths of drying time based on the fabric / care labels. You can add to or remove these from your main load during the dry cycle. Otherwise, we recommend you do not keep opening the dryer door so that the heat can be retained for your laundry.
  • How can I be eco-friendly using launderettes?
    We're very conscious of this and have outlined some points to consider about being as environmentally-friendly as possible.
  • Why isn't the machine working?
    All machines are regularly checked and diligently serviced. First, please check the general advice for using the machines. If this doesn't help, search for your launderette location and identify the machine you are using and instructions. If this doesn't solve your problem, please call our engineer on 07779136495.
  • I have selected the wrong wash cycle. What do I do?
    All cycles can be changed after the wash has started but some only have a short timeframe to do so. Washers with a rotary cycle selector and those with buttons can all be changed at any time. Please note that changing the cycle will only affect the cycle from that point onwards. Washers with screens can be changed for a short time after the machine has started (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the machine). On some machines, if the cycle that has started is less expensive that the one that you then select, the machine will stop and wait for the additional coins to be added.
  • I selected warm wash, but the water coming in the top is cold water!"
    Don't worry! The pre-wash water is cold on all cycles. This is completely normal. It’s when the machine gets to main wash that it will fill with warm water as specified on your wash cycle.
  • The last coin I put in the machine is still visible. What should I do?
    Normally, if a coin doesn't register, it comes out of the reject coin slot, but sometimes it doesn't reject until you press the reject button. Press the reject button now. Then, try them again slowly and gently, making sure each coin registers before you insert the next one.
  • I have put coins in the drier, but it isn't working."
    Have you pressed the start button for 3 seconds? If so, the next step is to check the general advice for using the machines. If this doesn't help, search for your launderette location and identify the machine you are using and instructions. If this doesn't solve your problem, please call our engineer on 07779136495.
  • I forgot to add something to my washing! Can I open the door?
    If the wash cycle has started, the machine door will have locked. You cannot now open the door until the cycle has finished. In an emergency, please call 07779136495 stating which launderette you are in and the number of the machine you are using. Please do not put items in the soap hopper.
  • I left my washing in the launderette and now it's not there.
    We recommend you do not leave your washing unattended. If you do need to pop out of the launderette whilst your laundry is in a machine, please return before the end of the wash cycle or dry time. (Maximum wash cycle is 45 minutes). If washing is left in a machine, another customer may need to move your laundry to access the machine. If washing is left in the launderette unattended, it may be given to charity or sent to be recycled.
  • The launderette door is locked but my stuff is inside. What should I do?
    The launderette doors will automatically lock at closing, after which time, you can leave but not re-enter. If you have left any of your belongings behind, please come back to the launderette as soon as it opens the following day. If urgent, please call our Out of Hours Support on 07779136495. We do not take any responsibility for lost or damaged items.
  • I am nervous about someone else in this launderette. What should I do?
    Premises are private and only open to people for the intention of washing or drying clothes. CCTV is in operation but if you feel uncomfortable, dial 101. If you feel like you are in danger, please call 999.


For urgent issues such as a machine failure, damage to property or clothing or out-of-hours assistance, please call 07779136495. 


Please be aware that we do not have frequent access to voicemail messages or texts so if there is no answer, please call again to speak to an engineer who will be able to assist you over the phone.

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